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She is sus

Have you ever felt like you were underqualified to do what you’re doing? I have. Join me as I talk about imposter syndrome: what is it and how can we manage it.

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On the edge of making a habit

Every now and then, it’s important to try and do something just for yourself. I’ve been trying to get back into reading for years. I think back to my school days and how I could easily read 1000-page long novels and series. But, these days, I sometimes struggle to read an 8-page journal article. My…

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Jack of all trades or Master of one?

Usually, when I tell people that I want to “do both” or explore multiple pathways, there’s a fair amount of scepticism whether I’d be able to manage everything, or even concern that it’d affect the overall quality of my learning. There’s an interesting saying which seems to have both positive and negative connotations depending on…

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